Fooddialer, a product developed by Futurescape Technologies aim to streamlines order processing for food service industry. There are two products in the pipeline: Fooddialer- Quickserve, which works best for Tiffin services, Pizza and Bakery houses. Fooddialer – Restaurant is meant for single and multiple chain restaurants.

Fooddialer helps streamline your business in following amazing ways:

  • Automate your kitchen
  • Generate reports
  • Integrate book of accounts
  • Ensure faster delivery to your customer,
  • Convenient food ordering options with your customers
  • Anywhere, anytime access

As soon as the system receives an order/orders, the screen in the kitchen gets instant notification as to what and how much to prepare. There is no confusion, no wastage of inventory and no delay; hence an automated kitchen.

All you need to do is to click “Request a Demo” tab and fill in your details. Our customer support team will fix a demo for you with the marketing team.

Fooddialer provides for a hassle free set-up with no technical expertise. If you have a website, all we need to do is to integrate a tab in your website. Well, if you require a website also, you could request for the same. In such a case, it might take some days but we promises the shortest possible turnaround time.

There is no need for a separate website. Fooddialer can be easily integrated in the existing website without making any changes in the website structure.

With Fooddialer Quick Serve , one can generate daily sales and expenses report, invoice and payment collection report, order generated and fulfilled report. Well, with Fooddialer restaurant apart from the above mention reports, you can generate bill and payment reports, attendance and payroll reports.

Yes, fooddialer comes with integrated accounting to facilitate quick and efficient management of books of accounts.

Yes, very much. Your payment gateway can be easily integrated with Fooddialer.

Do not worry if you do not have payment gateway. Fooddialer comes with payment gateway integration. However, transaction charges will be applicable in this context.

You will have to pay one time set up fees that is followed by a rental basis plan.

Yes, restaurant-admin can modify the combo menu. Until now, customer cannot customize their menu. However, in the coming upgrades, we hope to provide the same.

You can notify the customer through e-mail and/or SMS for received/ready/delivered orders.

Fooddialer is built on anywhere, anytime access (CLOUD) technology and thus offers seamless compatibility with multiple devices.

Right from the order generation to the order delivery to customer, you can keep track of the orders.

Customer support is available 24/7 for your queries. The technical support is available MON-FRI 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Your data is completely safe as it is stored on the Amazon servers.

Yes, backup provision is there. Daily back up is done and in case of any unforeseen incident, do not worry, you have your data safe.

Yes, the system allows for multiple logins at the same time. However, it is recommended that you restrict the access to avoid any discrepancy.

Our team of experts is working round the clock to make the system more user-friendly and profitable. Any feature or upgrade will be free of cost for fooddialer user.

Fooddialer is a product meant for tiffin service, bakery and pizza house businesses. With Quick Serve, you could ensure that you process all orders efficiently, make optimum use of all the available resources, generate reports, automate your kitchen and above all delight your customers.

There are three ways a customer can order food through Quick Serve; Call on the Toll Free Number, Order through Website, Missed call (For this the customer will have to register first)

There is a Dial2verify app using which the number given by the user can be checked for order’s genuineness.

Yes, the admin can set up his or her delivery areas as per the convenience.

Yes, admin can set up a time out for taking orders for the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea-time snacks etc.). Setting a time out will help the kitchen staff to prepare the order well in advance and there would be no chances of confusion at the last moment.

Requirement Quantity
Toll Free Number and Dial2verify “STARTER” account 1 no.
PC with 2 GB RAM, internet connection - P4 or higher 1 no.
Touch screen PC (P4 or higher), internet connection 1 no.
P4 (or higher) PC and printer 1 no.
Android phone (per deliver person) / internet connection Depend on number of delivery persons

If a customer pre-orders food for a couple of days, he or she enjoys to make payment in three ways: Prepaid, Postpaid or Partial. For prepaid, the payment mode available is only online (credit card, net banking). Well, for postpaid and partial, the customer can go for both online (credit card, net banking) and Offline (Cash)

Yes, Fooddialer restaurant supports both single and multiple chain restaurants. The restaurants could be present in any city or state of the country.

The customers can book order online through the website, call toll free number or through POS by walk-in.

Yes, Fooddialer restaurant comes with an integrated POS that helps you automate and streamline your business.

Fooddialer restaurant is very flexible. If you already have POS, it can be easily integrated with Fooddialer restaurant.

Yes, Fooddialer restaurant comes with centralized reporting feature. You can manage all your restaurants, generate reports, manage inventory, vendors and employees through one location.

Fooddialer is developed on cloud technology which means it is easily accessible over internet. Apart from installing required hardwork at each restautrant, there is nothing else that is required.

Fooddialer restaurant comes with both online (credit card, net banking) and offline payment options (COD, meal coupons etc).

Digital menu is a new way of offering menu to your customers. Whenever a customer walks-in, he or she can be offered a tablet right on their table from where they can choose from the menu. So, you see this is a new way to meet your customers.

Non-perishable food items can be managed under Fooddialer restaurant.

There can be same vendor for some or all chain restaurants. You only need to update the vendor’s record in your system at one location. It will be updated automatically and instantly in all the chain restaurants.

Yes, Fooddialer restaurant provides for efficient employee management. All the employee information along with no. of working days, any overtime, late marks, and salary processing can be very well managed through Fooddialer restaurant.

Yes, customers can book tables right from the comfort of their homes. As soon as any customer books a table, the same is updated in the system and is notified to the concerned person instantly.

If the customer wants to change table after booking, he or she will have to cancel the previous booking and then book afresh again. However, if he or she walks in and then wants to change the table, the same can be done on request to the floor manager or the concerned authority.