Why should you consider Digitizing your Restaurant Inventory Management?

February 28, 2019 - tiffin management software

Digitizing management processes is a kind of success mantra for the modern businesses. In fact smaller your business, more you can take advantage of digitization. Digitization helps in reducing manual labor and also with time management as its primary convenience. Today, let’s have a look why should you consider digitizing the inventory management in your restaurant business.


  1. Updated stock and inventory: Tallying stock in and out and keeping check on the inventory can be automated with digitalization ensuring that now you need not spend hours morning and night opening and closing stock data. Also need not hold back employees over time to finish the job and hence cut on the over time payment. Digitizing your inventory management enable it to auto-update inventory with every in and out of the stock and give you real time update at any point of time.
  2. Restricted Access: With digitalization, you can prevent the access of inventory and stock information from getting compromised. Restricted access is a common feature now that allows you to limit the access of information to selected person only though several others can work it. By restricting information passing, you can prevent mishaps like theft.
  3. Approval and tracking: With the help of automated application in place, you can now set approval feature, i.e. whenever chef is placing requirement of ingredients, s/he needs to raise ticket that requires your approval and only then can be taken out from stock. With this you can keep track of your inventory and prevent any mishandling.
  4. Better stock management in multi-kitchen facilities: In case of multi-kitchen facilities, digitalization can prove phenomenal. It facilitates more effective management of inventory by allowing shifting of stock. Real time inventory status of the all kitchen in a single app and data from CRM module, in amalgamation can help you in deciding if any unused inventory in one kitchen can be utilized more in another and hence helps is lesser wastage and maximum utilization.
  5. Reduce cost of manual: By automating and streamlining inventory management process, you can only manage well but also reduce manual labor at several points. Reduction is manual labor decreases cost to company and also lesser the chances of error.


Now that you are aware how digitalization of your inventory management give a boost to your business, you may also be wondering, how to digitaliza after all? Consider investing in a restaurant POS system integrated with inventory management system to digitize and automate the system.