Ways to Select the right POS for your restaurant business

February 20, 2019 - tiffin management software, Uncategorized

Choosing the right POS for your restaurant business may sound something very trivial, but can actually go a long way to boost your business. The right POS steps away further and to assist in gaining more customers and helps in providing important insights to formulate future business policies.

 So what are criteria that you must look for while selecting a POS for your restaurant:-

  1. Easy to use dashboard: An easy and intuitive dashboard helps billing faster by making the process simple. Faster billing ensures that you are saving valuable time in customer servicing.
  2. The synchronized menu at all purchase points: Menu synchronization is important because these days, service is offered via multiple-channels, like dine-in, take away, home delivery. When your menu is synchronized, the various person taking orders in various devices are on the same page and aware of the availability and inventory.
  3. Table Manager and reservation: Feature of pre-booking of table and orders help the restaurant managers to manage the tables and reservation with regards to a number of customers, ordering items, servicing person and time duration. Therefore, time of service to a customer which basically go wasted like waiting for a table, deciding on a menu, etc. can be saved effectively. Saving the time of service means accommodating more customers in a given span of time, hence more business.
  4. Digital Menu: Digital menu allows the customers to view the menu on a tablet, place an order and also pay online. It helps in cutting down on manpower as well as paper usage cutting for the business.
  5. Customer Relation Management Module: CRM module captures data directly related to customers’ order and food behavior. This, in turn, provides valuable insight data that helps in improving and formulation business policies.


Hope you find this article useful. We will talk more about the restaurant business in this space later. So stay tight!