Some cooking techniques you need to know!

February 14, 2017 - Quik Serve

It is very heartening to witness that India is gradually but steadily becoming aware of healthy food habit. So much so that even the fast food centres today market their food with the tag ‘healthy’ along with ‘tasty’, though the truth of this pitch is still in question. Well, nothing to loose hope. In case you are unable to make time to cook your own food, you can always rely outside. But choose your options wisely. There are reliable meal service providers in the country, specially in the bigger cities, who are dedicated in providing homemade, healthy and tasty meals to these super busy population.

Well, this post is not exactly about how to choose a right meal service provider for yourself (we can discuss it some other time), but more about knowing the healthy cooking techniques which they might be using. On other hand, if you yourself is into food service business or is looking forward to take a plunge, you can opt for healthier cooking techniques to better serve your customers.

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The phrase ‘Healthy Food’ is quite a common sight these days. Almost every food seller kinda using it without any considerations and it’s high time that government should lay some regulations in the usage of the term and save the population from getting cheated with unhealthy junks in name of healthy food. But since this suggestion is totally in air right now, make effort from your end and know what you are eating and how it has been cooked.

Healthy food is not only assured of healthy and fresh ingredients getting used in preparing it but also how it is getting prepared. Yes, cooking technique is much important as improper cooking method can totally kill the nutrients and health quotient of an otherwise absolutely healthy ingredient. So let’s begin. In regular cooking, we use a medley of cooking methods which can be broadly segregated into three major groups- Dry heat cooking method, Moist heat cooking method and Combination cooking method.

Dry heat cooking method- In this technique, heat is transfered to the food either by directly exposing it to the flame or by blowing it with heated air in preheated chamber or by exposing it to vapour. Baking, roasting, grilling and steaming fall under this category.

Dry cooking method

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Moist heat cooking method- In this technique, liquid is used as a medium to transfer heat to the food. This technique includes boiling, poaching/simmering, frying and stewing.

Wet cooking method

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Combination cooking method- As the name suggests, the methods that fall under this group uses the virtue of both the above mentioned methods. Basting and barbecuing are the most commonly used method of this category.

Combination cooking method

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