How Veza Fooddialer helps you grow your business online?

February 6, 2019 - tiffin management software

We have been talking about how going online with food business adds convenience for customers and also help the business grow. Yes. That’s a win-win situation. If you have missed those posts you can read them here and here now and head back right to this post to know how Veza Fooddialer can help you achieve the business growth by going online.

So, how Veza Fooddialer helps you grow your business online!


  1. Online Presence: With Veza Fooddialer, we offer you a customized and SEO friendly website to mark your brand’s presence in the web world, as well as act as a vehicle for your ordering service. Your customers can easily browse through your online menu and proceed to order right from your website making it all seamless and hassle-free for the customers.
    ***Note that Veza Fooddialer can also be integrated into your already existing website***
  2. Gaining more customer: To help you, to gain more customers and convert a number of leads is one of the major aims of Veza. After all nothing actually counts if you can’t sell. Therefore to assure the same we have added a number of helpful features. Easy ordering and cancellation facility, easy cut-off time management feature, the digital menu for better clarity, and above all, useful customer analytics data to help you understand your customers’ behavior and plan and devise future business policies accordingly. 
  3. Synchronized order management: One of the basic offerings of Veza Fooddialer is automating your order management process. By doing so you decrease any chances of error and therefore serve your customers better and faster. From receiving an order to intimating the kitchen to the dispatch department, even payment and collection tracking is automated to give you a seamless and error-free order flow.
  4. Easy Money management: Veza Fooddialer offers the feature of virtual customer wallet and manages advanced subscription payments and order cancellation refunds using the virtual wallet. Customers can use the wallet balance to book a new order.

If you are interested to know more on how Veza can help you upscale your food or subscription business, request for your free demonstration now. We will be happy to demonstrate Veza Fooddialer to you at your convenient time and place. Click here to request your free demo now!