How Online Food Ordering helps Businesses?

January 31, 2019 - tiffin management software, Uncategorized

Hello and welcome back. In our last blog, we have talked how option of online food ordering is helping customers. Today we will have a look, how as a business, you can benefit from allowing food ordering online.


  1. Online Presence- It is beyond the need of mention now that these days people spend a large chunk of their daily life being online. And as the rule of the business goes, catch the market where they thrive. Taking your brand presence online is actually a vehicle to turn in more business. However, you can stay in internet without allowing ordering facility. But then why will you ban yourself from an easy conversion strategy.
  2. Accurate order processing- Online ordering is a great instrument for accurate and hassle-free order processing. Phone ordering includes steps where information get transferred from one human to another and yet another and another. And as the intermediate steps of human labor increases, increases the chances of errors. By accepting orders online and delegating them to kitchen and dispatch service, you are actually reducing chances of manual error from business end.
  3. Easy to manage menu- Being in a food business, changing menu is something very customary. For food businesses, menu changes with seasons, with festivals and even with market. And with the same, changes the menu card for display. An online menu scores higher over physical leaflet as it is cheapest or rather free to change, modify and update an online menu. Again an online menu is more transparent, can be more informative, more easy to browse and consider as compared to a list humanly narrated over phone
  4. Low cost marketing- Online ordering system can play an important role in marketing and that too pretty cheap. Apart from brand marketing, promoting, and other big elephants, even if we consider low scale, say like promoting a newly added dish into the menu. You can create an online card or poster and display it easily to appeal and encourage customers to try out the new dish.
  5. Collate valuable customer data- Going online can be entirely meaningful even if we consider only for this one pointer. Customer data plays a huge role in improvising company strategy in this competitive world. Knowing your customer behavior can help you in planning your business policies. And this valuable data can only be mapped accurately if you start accepting order online.
  6. Convenience to customer- Last but not least, offering convenience to your customers is your prime focus, isn’t it? And you can achieve it fully by offering option to see your menu, take ample time to decide and finally place order and pay hassle-free online, anytime and from anywhere.


Hope you enjoyed reading this article. In our next post we will talk at length on how Veza Fooddialer can help you in managing and improving your food business.