Government to tap technology boost to control food wastage

February 3, 2017 - General Articles

Food wastage is a major concern all over the world today. In India, it has been estimated that the post harvest food wastage amounts as much as 1,00,000 crores which is about one percent of the GDP. Well, not a matter to ignore. To combat the situation and add this valuable bit to our country’s GDP, government has decided to tap the present technological boost in controlling the food wastage post harvest.

Chickpea Isolated Grain Vegetarian Meal India

Talking about technology, Government’s spokesperson has specially mentioned Buhler Grain Technology for grains and pulses and JVM Technology for citrus fruits. Both the technologies are well-known to increase the shelp-life of the food grains and harvest therefore considerably cutting down the post harvest food wastage.

Apart from these two, government is taking major stride in collaborating and patronizing the food technologies to solve the food wastage issue in the country. Adapting and accepting the new technologies getting innovated every day is the one path to success in any aspect today. Not only technology eases the manual chores but increase the effect manifold.

food wastage

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