Fooddialer, now more evolved

August 9, 2018 - Online Food Ordering Software


Fooddialer is a radical product from the house of Futurescape Technologies that was designed and created with the vision to unite the small tiffin services under a single roof, providing them with streamlined business process and structured order management. Few Important past year, the product had been accepted by the smaller food service providers with all fervour and today it is one of the most successful and effective automation software existing in the market. From few counts in finger, today Fooddialer boasts of 100+ happy and satisfied clientele.

However, innovation and evolution is the key to existence. Here at Futurescape, we believe in bettering ourselves each day. And therefore, we decided not to keep the revolutionary product like Fooddialer remain constricted to a single genre and make it more capable to include and provide streamlined business operation to other small businesses as well. Therefore, rising a notch higher, we have evolved Fooddialer such that the software service can now be extended to any subscription-based businesses.

In our daily life, we use several subscription services to ease out our daily life. However the task is not that easy for these service providers with subscription-based business model. While a household may subscribe to only few services but a service provider need to cater to hundreds and thousands of households each day, everyday.

Be it from milk subscription to food subscription, newspaper or for that matter any service provider can now opt for Fooddialer to regulate their business, firstly by collating the huge database to a singular place, registering the proper subscription period against each client, making sure that each day the goods has been delivered or if not (due to certain reason) has been well-adjusted, proper information for non-service to the clients in emergency and finally and most importantly generating proper bill and invoices and tracking collection.

We will talk at length about Fooddialer and how it can offer help to subscription-based business models in our following posts. So do make sure to stay tight to this place!!